Olivia Massaro

I love to write. When I was young, I wrote plays, menus, styles of handwriting, and scripts, poems, stories and love letters to my parents. Over the years I kept that passion alive as my heart grew fonder to mature pieces. Below are a few hand-selected write-ups, some individual and some collaborative.


This is an image of a writing article for a magazine called Blending. It was co-written by Olivia Massaro and Julianna Julia in their Fall Semester studying in Florence, Italy. It is about mass tourism and its effects on the city culture, atmosphere, and local residents that populate the heavily-visited area. It is has a photo of the city's famous Catedrale di Santa Maria in the center of Florence as a header image at the top with the title and date. The text itself includes a four column spread with the written content

Blending Magazine

Co-Written by Olivia Massaro and Julianna Julia

Once you have clicked the link, scroll to page 8 and 9 of the issue, using the right arrow!

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